RPO Audit


The output

Every company, RPO supplier, the actual RPO arrangements, agreement and KPI's will all be different and therefore the findings and each report is unique and is reflected accordingly. Before commencing with the RPO Audit we discuss perceived concerns and issues and will investigate these specific concerns whilst not ignoring those areas which experience informs us may well be problematic. We discuss with you, the positioning you see the RPO status to be sitting now, and where you are wanting to take it. Maybe the RPO relationship needs to be moved to where it is supposed to be, maybe the client and the RPO are ready to develop the relationship further, to both evolve and mature the RPO offering.

Each report will provide objective findings and some subjective observations. The report would provide recommendations on what can and should be done, to improve the service offering further and to enable both organisations to prepare the groundwork to make the move up the corporate “maturity model”.

The recommendations that you decide to take up, may be conducted by the client company, the RPO, or a combination of personnel from both organisations. It may be that, with us having got so close to the issues and having a clear understanding of the solutions, that you engage with us to help you further in implementing those recommendations. Regardless of the route taken to address any issues, we would look to return for a meeting within four month to discuss the benefits you have seen from the RPO Audit.


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